Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack!

I began a small, modest collection of nail polish about five years ago. I kept them in a Rubbermaid caddy with a neat little clip-on top. However, when my hobby became a full-blown addiction, my sad little caddy lost the top, which eventually would have been rendered useless anyways. I knew I needed a new way to store my polishes. I wanted to purchase a rack, but those suckers are CRAZY expensive! Enter: husband. Now, my husband is in the IT field, but he is pretty handy with tools, so off to Home Depot we went. If you are in need of a polish storage solution, I highly recommend requisitioning someone to build you a polish rack (or build it yourself!)! We bought primed 1" x 2" lumber, which was 8' long. The dimensions of the rack are 4' x 2' with about 4" in between each shelf, which leaves my collection with plenty of space to grow! My collection of 80 or so polishes actually looks really small! We bought six 8' pieces of lumber, but only ended up using five of them. They are pretty cheap and after purchasing paint, brushes, and screws, my rack ended up costing just shy of $30. The deal was that the rack had to be in an out-of-the-way location, so the closet was chosen. While the location is perfect, getting a picture of it was DIFFICULT, so here is the best I could do: 

DIY Nail Polish Rack

In other news, Zoya had an AWESOME deal last week, buy 3, get 3 free! I've been following them on Facebook ever since I saw some swatches of their Reverie collection. When I got a manicure (gasp!) with my mom a few weeks ago, I nearly squealed when I saw that they had Adina, one of the Reverie polishes I had been eyeing. I hadn't tried a Zoya yet, so I immediately grabbed it and she definitely didn't disappoint! The Reverie polishes are metallic duo-chromes, so they change color with different lighting or when you move your hand. Anyways, I'd been staring at the Reverie collection and trying to rationalize the $36 price tag, which doesn't include shipping. Then I saw on their Facebook page that they had frequently been posting coupon codes, so I decided to wait it out and see what the next offer would be. Well, the Buy 3 Get 3 Free offer came up and I pounced! I was going to buy the whole Reverie collection, but I had just bought a gorgeous China Glaze orange (Riveting) and I have more silver polish than I know what to do with most days, so I bought four polishes from the Reverie collection (Adina, Happi, Lana, and Reece) and two from the Sparkle collection (Ivanka and Charla). My blue and green polishes were lacking, which is why I added two from the Sparkle collection into my order. Ok, that was a really long-winded story leading to the point: my pretties came in the mail today! They are beautiful and I can't wait to try them all! YAY! 

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