Monday, May 28, 2012

Holographic Caviar! YES!

This has definitely been a favorite manicure of my friends and co-workers (and my students!)! First of all, who doesn't love a good holographic polish?! Nubar Reclaim is gorgeous! Also, caviar manicures have been sweeping blogs and Pinterest for awhile now, though I like to think I was one of the originals to try it! :) Hahaha! I bought my microbeads at Michaels last year and I used them many times before I began blogging. The brand on the beads is Recollections, but I know Martha Stewart has some there, too! For this manicure, I mixed some green and silver beads together in a little ramekin. Everyone has different ways of applying microbeads. If you want to avoid having to put a top coat on them, you'll need to use nail glue on your nail before you roll your nail in the microbeads. As it so happens, I avoid using nail glue at all costs. Therefore, I subscribe to the top coat version. However, I did take a picture before I applied the top coat, so you could see what it looked liked before (the first picture). Top coat does change how it looks! I polished my nails with Reclaim, then when I applied a top coat, I quickly rolled my accent nail in the microbeads. I let it dry, then gently rubbed off the extra beads. I then used Seche Vite, which is thick enough that application was no trouble at all. The microbeads usually last three to four days, but I usually end up picking at them before that! :) The only annoying part about this manicure is that I kept forgetting to take pictures with my good camera during the day! I ended up taking both with my phone; one at night with flash and one in the car in direct sunlight.  Enjoy!

Holographic Caviar Nails

Nubar Reclaim
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