Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jelly Sandwich

Jelly Sandwich manicures are a new type of mani that I've heard about. Having just received the Birchbox Blogger Trio, I couldn't resist putting one of my new jellies to the test in the form of a Jelly Sandwich. I've also begun polishing the tips of my nails before I polish them completely. I'm not sure if there's a technical name for this, but I've been calling it "tip sealing". I just polish the very tips of my nail to help keep chipping to a minimum. Anyways, here's what my tip sealing looks like:

Tip Wrap Nails

The Jelly Sandwich is when you "sandwich" glitter between layers of jelly polish. For this, I used Zoya Kate, which is a grapefruity color. It looks really red in the pictures, but it really doesn't seem that red in person. The best true-to-color picture I got was the last one below, taken with my phone. After the compulsory Chip Skip and base coat, I polished two coats of Kate, one coat of Essie Set in Stones, and then one more coat of Kate. Of course, I finished it off with a top coat. I LOVE how the glitter looks, but then again, I'm a huge fan of matte-ified glitter, too. These pictures were taken indoors on a partly cloudy day, without flash.

Zoya Kate Birchbox

Zoya Kate Birchbox Jelly Sandwich

Essie Set in Stones

Essie Set in Stones Jelly Sandwich

Jelly Sandwich Nails

Also, my favorite part of this manicure was the staying power. This is what my nails looked like one week after I polished them! No touch ups AT ALL! Minimal tip wear and no chips! I only took it off because I was itching to change my nail polish! 

Jelly Sandwich Nails

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