Monday, June 25, 2012

Neon Zebra makes me LMFAO!

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have a pretty awesome husband! Yesterday he surprised me with concert tickets to see LMFAO! I only wish I had known beforehand so I could have had a really cool manicure for the concert! However, there was PLENTY for me to look at there besides my nails, so I guess it's good they weren't amazing and distracting, hahaha! Let me tell you, an LMFAO concert is a crazy people watching experience! So much neon in one place, wow! Anyways, the band members and their dancers all had neon stripes painted down their arms with zebra stripes over the stripes. That inspired me to polish my nails in the same fashion! 

I even attempted to make a picture tutorial for you guys! Let me first start with why I almost never do picture tutorials. I get so into my nails and the design that I forget to take pictures throughout! It makes me so mad! So, I'll start by telling you that I forgot to take a picture of one step. Sorry! Also, let me tell you that Tropical Storm Debby is pummeling the crap out of us right now and my excitement over this manicure means that I didn't have the patience to wait for what could be a day or two for the sun to reappear. These pictures all had to be taken indoors without flash. One or two may be blurry. Oh well. Ok, onto the pictures! Enjoy! :)

Base coat: Essie Feed Me
Essie Feed Me

OPI Alpine Snow. A base of white helps neon polish to pop!
OPI Alpine Snow

One stripe (2 coats) of China Glaze Pink Voltage down the middle. When I do this manicure again, I'll make this stripe a little thinner!
China Glaze Pink Voltage

The left side of each nail had a stripe (3 coats) of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy. I started trying to clean up each nail with an orange stick right after each stripe, but it was proving to be VERY time consuming, so I stopped. Forgive any polish on my skin. It turned out to be a bear to clean up after the whole manicure was done and next time, I'll continue with my clean-up after each stripe. 
China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

And then I forgot to take a picture. On the right side of each nail, I polished a stripe (3 coats) of China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Sorry about forgetting the picture! But I did take an awesome shot of my the window that I usually take my photos in. Poor rainy window! Thanks, Tropical Storm Debby!

Next, I used OPI Black Onyx and my Shany plate (SH22). However, if you don't have this plate, the manicure could easily be done by using black polish and a toothpick. Just alternate between stripes on the left side and right side of your nail. 

Here are my stamping tools!
Shany stamping tools

And here's the finished product! I'm so excited and pleased with how my nails turned out! I'm sure LMFAO would be proud! ;) Hahaha! Enjoy! :)

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Neon Zebra Stripes

Neon Zebra Stripes

Neon Zebra Stripes

LMFAO Manicure

LMFAO Neon Zebra Stripes
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