Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polish Shoes Kick My Butt :)

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I saw a pin on Pinterest several months ago of nails that had been polished in several different colors and then made to look like Chucks. Not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of Converse shoes BUT I wanted to try the manicure myself based on the popularity of that particular pin and the fact that I've never seen any other similar pins. 

I polished my nails white with OPI Alpine Snow. Then, I used hole reinforcers and I stuck them to the tips of my nails to create the half moon. I then polished my nails with Zoya Michelle. After that, I used my black and white striping polishes to put on the details. Holy. Time. Consumption. These turned out really cute, albeit a little sloppy, but they took so much time to do! However, I really enjoyed how it looked like my fingers were wearing little shoes, hahaha! :) Despite the many compliments I received, it may be a LONG TIME before I attempt this one again! These pictures were taken indoors in natural light on a partly sunny day! Enjoy! :)

Converse Nails

Shoe Nails

Chuck Nails

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