Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection

The indie bug bit me recently and I've since gone crazy getting indie polishes! One of the brands I was most excited about is Rainbow Honey. After looking up swatches on their Facebook page, I decided I must have A Little Kindness and The Element of Magic. And then their shop opened. And I wanted them ALL. So I bought the whole set of mini polishes (and one more for the giveaway) and anxiously awaited their arrival. When they came in, I knew I had to try them all immediately. I then embarked upon my first full collection swatch extravaganza. I like to call it flash swatching since it's a frenzy of polish, cotton balls, remover, and in this case, tin foil. It all happened very quickly and when it was over I was left with a giant pile of removing remnants and lots of pictures. Some weren't my best work, but oh well! Also, because I was swatching and removing polish so furiously, I wasn't polishing my entire nail (save the cuticles!). The most surprising thing to me was that the polishes I thought would be my favorites weren't my favorites at the end! However, every single one of these polishes is GORGEOUS. Before moving on to the pictures, I find it important to say that I purchased these polishes on my own. These pictures were taken indoors in natural lighting on a cloudy day. Enjoy! :)

There is one coat of polish over OPI Black Onyx (Middle Finger) and OPI Alpine Snow (Ring Finger). My pinkie has one coat of the polish by itself and my index finger has a complementary polish on it to match the Rainbow Honey polish. The complementary color also has one coat of the Rainbow Honey polish over it.

Rainbow Honey has the CUTEST packaging!

The whole collection!
20% Cooler and Mare of the Moon 

Pinkie Promise and Celestia

The Element of Magic and A Little Kindess

The Worst Possible Thing and Hoof Wrassle

A Little Kindness
Complementary Polish-China Glaze Lemon Fizz
I love how this looked over black! 

20% Cooler
Complementary Polish-Zoya Zuza

Complementary Polish-OPI No Room for the Blues

Mare of the Moon
Complementary Polish-Zoya Kotori
 This one has little moon glitters in it. Let me tell you, I fished and fished and fished for a moon. I finally found ONE, after several fishing trips, and it's only because it got stuck in the bristles of the brush, hahaha! 

Pinkie Promise
Complementary Polish-Zoya Happi
 This one has bar glitter in it, too, but it is harder to see in the pictures. 

Hoof Wrassle
Complementary Polish-Zoya Coraline
This was my least favorite, but maybe because I'm not a huge orange fan. I would definitely wear this in October, though! 

The Element of Magic
Complementary Polish-Zoya Zara
Love this over black!

The Worst Possible Thing
Complementary Polish-Zoya Skylar
MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I must buy a full size asap!

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