Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blue and Green Nails

As my school school and work school get underway, please accept my apologies in advance. I can already tell that my final semester is going to be rough so if I disappear for a week or so, fear not! I will update as often as possible while also taking care of my obligations to my students and schoolwork. That being said, onto my nails! 

I met my new students and their families on Thursday, so I did these nails to match my dress! It was a floral green, blue, and white pattern, so I chose Zoya Apple, Zoya Charla, and OPI Alpine Snow to match it. I also used Sonnetarium Snowfall as a complementary polish. If you've never used Sonnetarium polishes, you are really missing out! Michelle makes amazing polish! Once I get to 300 likes on Facebook, one of her polishes will be in the giveaway! 

I polished my entire nail with Alpine Snow. Using white striping tape, I created a diagonal line across the lower half of my nail. Above the tape I polished Apple and below it I polished Charla. I then pulled the tape off leaving a nice white line between the green and blue polish! Finally, I added Snowfall on top of Charla. Snowfall has to be one of my all time favorite polishes. I have big plans for it a little closer to December! I finished up with a top coat of Revlon Colorstay and I was ready to meet the families! Enjoy! :)

Blue and Green Mani

Zoya Charla and Apple

Sonnetarium Snowfall

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