Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Glue Base Coat...Peel Off Polish?

I'm sure some (or many) of you have heard of the latest craze in glitter polish removal...the glue base coat. I guess the idea originated when someone noticed the ingredients on the Essence peel-off base coat were nearly identical to regular white glue. Does anyone know who the first person to figure this out was? Anyways, I read a little about the topic and felt knowledgeable enough to give it a go. 

I bought a bottle of Elmer's Glue and squeezed it into an empty polish bottle. I filled it about 3/4 of the way full and then added some water so it was nearly full. After a few good rolls in my hands (shaking=bubbles) I was ready to go! I polished two thin coats of my glue base coat on. DO NOT polish a regular base coat before the glue coat. I allowed each coat to dry thoroughly before moving on. The coats dried fairly quickly; I'd say within 2-3 minutes. I tried this again a few days later and I found that the glue seemed thicker. I only did one coat that time because it was taking forever to dry (8-10 minutes). Once the glue is dry, continue with your manicure! I polished three coats of Alyssa and HK Girl as my top coat. Four days later I used an orange stick to carefully peel a corner of the polish. I started near my cuticle and just slid the orange stick down the side of my nail. Once that area had popped up, I gently peeled the rest off of my nail with my fingers. Each nail came off easily with very little residue! SO MUCH EASIER than the tin foil method! And my nail was left completely undamaged! YAY! I wouldn't necessarily use this EVERY time I polish my nails, but I will definitely use it if glitter is involved! Enjoy! :) 

Elmer's Glue Base Coat

Peel Off Nail Polish Base Coat

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