Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gold with White Crackle!

I think I've decided that Tuesday and Saturday will now be my regular posting days. That appears to be the pattern for the past couple of weeks and I'm pretty comfortable with it...at least until my school schedule gets out of control. Hopefully that won't happen though! :) Also, as of this moment, I'm only 80 likes away from an indie giveaway! YAY!

So I wasn't crazy about this mani. It looked waaaay better in my head. I've been wanting to do some nail art but I've been too busy. I saw a gorgeous picture on Pinterest of a gold polish with white crackle over it. I know everyone seems to hate crackle now, but it still doesn't bother me. I decided to recreate the photograph. I don't know what this issue was, but I was not crazy about the way it turned out. The gold wasn't as sparkly once the crackle was over it, which was disappointing. However, the gold was gorgeous on its own and it seems like it'll be a great Christmas-y polish. Anyways, I used China Glaze Ultamate Holiday (2 coats) and OPI White Shatter. Ultamate Holiday is a polish that was exclusive to Ulta this past Christmas. It's a beautiful gold fine glitter with holo glitter throughout. You can really see the holo glitter in the blurred nails in the first picture. LOVE IT. And I don't even usually like gold! Sorry this mani isn't as exciting as usual, but try to enjoy it nonetheless! :)

China Glaze Ultamate Holiday

OPI White Shatter

Gold with White Shatter

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