Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jelly Sandwich Brilliance!

I LOVE GLITTER. Phew, I said it. I feel so much better. :) When Essie added Stroke of Brilliance to their Luxeffects collection, I knew I HAD to have it. And thanks to Copious, I purchased it for one cent! I already owned Set in Stones and A Cut Above, and they are some of the best glitters...ever. I even used Set in Stones in my first jelly sandwich ever! They have large and small hexagonal glitter as well as tiny glitter. Also, one coat is more than enough to add glittery gorgeousness to any manicure. It is not sparse by any means. The blue of Stroke of Brilliance is beautiful. It's almost a periwinkle color and I just love it.

Before I got Stroke of Brilliance, I purchased OPI Don't Touch My Tutu because I feel like a good white jelly is priceless in any polish collection. I knew these two polishes had to be combined into a jelly sandwich. They are seriously amazing together. I used two coats of OPI Alpine Snow, one coat of Essie Stroke of Brilliance, and one coat of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu for this jelly sandwich. I LOVE IT! Enjoy! :)

Essie Stroke of Brilliance Jelly Sandwich

Essie Stroke of Brilliance

Essie Stroke of Brilliance

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