Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Nails: Drippy

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So, the Halloween nails continue! I knew I had to do a lime green and purple mani as soon as I got Deal With It. It's the most gorgeous bright shimmery green and it dries with an almost satin finish! It just continues my love affair with Cult Nails:

Cult Nails Deal With It

Beautiful, right? I figured A England Avalon was the perfect purple compliment. Avalon is an awesome one coater and I knew it would look wonderful "dripped" over Deal With It. I started with two coats of Deal With It. When that was fully dry, I used striping tape and taped off the tips. Then, I used Avalon to polish the tips. After the tape was off, I used my largest dotting tool to make the drip marks. I started at the top of the drip. I dotted Avalon on and then dragged it downward to the tip. I used the opposite side of the large dotting tool for a few drips, too. I finished it up with a coat of HK Girl! Enjoy! :)

Halloween Nails

Halloween Nails

Halloween Drippy Nails

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