Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nail Repair

There isn't a mani on the blog today but don't be sad! Today is dedicated to a helpful hint I recently had to use! I always use a strengthening base coat before I polish my nails. Generally, they're really strong but every once in a while, they break. And then I cry. :) I usually don't mind trimming them short because I have pretty long nail beds so they still look long. However, I recently suffered my first break since beginning my blog! This break was going to be a bad one because I wouldn't have been able to fix my nail shape without cutting my nail painfully short. Even then, it would have looked odd. 

Having heard bits and pieces of information about using tea bags to repair nails, I gave it a try. I didn't actually look up how to do it...I kind of just assumed from what I had heard! This will work on a break in which the nail piece hasn't come off yet. Here's my break: 

Tea Bag Nail Repair

It doesn't look too bad in the picture, but it would have ripped up to my nail bed and the trimmed nail afterward would have looked funny! Even worse news? It's on my photographing hand! :( I took a tea bag and cut a piece off a little bigger than what I would need to cover the rip. I also dumped the contents of the bag out and saved the bag itself for another time. Though, I hope I don't have to do this again soon! I then polished my nail with base coat and I stuck the tea bag piece to my nail. I waited a minute or so for the polish to dry a little. Then, I used an orange stick to smooth the tea bag down as much as possible. I then used an angled nail clipper to trim off the excess bag: 

Broken Nail Repair

If I have to do this again, I would probably also use some nail glue to help the tea bag really adhere to my nail. Finally, I went over my entire nail with one more coat of base once the first coat was dry. Then, I went about polishing as usual! This probably only added five or so minutes to my normal mani routine, which is great! Also, I've been wearing the mani I polished over this for four days now and there's no sign of continued ripping in sight! It hasn't caught in my hair or anything! I just want my nail to grow out long enough so that I can trim the broken part off and cut my nail down without it looking silly. Hopefully this is helpful the next time you need to save a ripping nail! Enjoy! :)

How to Repair a Broken Nail
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