Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Laser Dotticure

And the holiday nails continue! But first, go enter the giveaway I am part of! :)

This could be a Christmas or Kwanzaa manicure since it uses colors that are common to both holidays. I have to say, these nails turned out different than I had imagined them. I still like them, they just didn't turn out how I expected them to! For this mani, I began with one coat of Zoya Purity with one coat of Zoya Ginessa over it. Ginessa seems like the perfect sparkly snow color:

Zoya Ginessa

After Ginessa was dry, I used a larger dotting tool to create various dots all over my nail using Zoya Blaze and Zoya Logan. These are both from the Ornate Collection and they are beyond gorgeous:

Holiday Dotticure

When my dots were totally dry, I randomly placed striping tape all over my nails. I then used Zoya Storm, another ridiculously beautiful Ornate polish, over the top of the tape. Remember, when working with striping tape, polish one nail at a time and then immediately remove the tape before polishing the next nail. I always use tweezers to remove the tape because that makes it super easy and precise! Anyways, I ended up with a laser dotticure hybrid that got a lot of compliments! Enjoy! :) 

And be sure to enter the giveaway that I am involved in! 

Christmas Nails

Holiday Nails

Kwanzaa Nails
*Zoya Blaze, Logan, and Storm were sent for review. As always, all opinions are my own. 
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