Thursday, December 6, 2012

Indie Spotlight: This is Halloween

For the Indie Spotlight today I have a polish by LynBDesigns. It's called This is Halloween but really doesn't seem like a polish that would be exclusive to Halloween! It's a deep purple, almost maroon base with a coppery duo-chrome effect to it. It also has purple and orange glitters in it. This polish was easy to apply and just lovely when it was all done! I could see wearing this around Christmas or New Year's Eve for sure! I used two coats for this and then topped it off with HK Girl because it really needs to be shiny in order to see all of the amazing gorgeousness of this polish! Enjoy! :)

LynBDesigns This is Halloween

LynBDesigns This is Halloween

Lyn B Designs This is Halloween

LynBDesigns This is Halloween

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