Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red Glitter Gradient

First and foremost...have you entered the giveaway that I'm involved with yet? Make sure you do! 28 winners!!!! WOW!! :)

Ok, are you guys ready for some holiday nails?! You'd better be because that's what's coming at you for the next month! I have a list longer than I care to talk about with holiday nail ideas on it! I obviously won't get to them all, but I'll do my best getting to as many as possible. 

First up is a Christmas-y glitter gradient. I bought this great glitter by China Glaze called Twinkle Lights and I knew I wanted to use it for a gradient. I thought it would look lovely over a gorgeous red, so I chose Zoya Delilah for the base. Delilah is one of my most favorite red polishes! It has red glitter in a cherry red base and it just looks juicy and wonderful: 

Zoya Delilah

And you know what? It looks even better when you make it matte! Awesome!

Zoya Delilah Matte

 After I had two coats of Delilah on and I used Essie Matte About You to make it matte, I used Twinkle Lights. Twinkle Lights is a glitter top coat with gold, green, and red glitter in it. I polished my tips first. Then, I got as much of the polish off of the brush that I could and polished up from the tip toward my cuticle to make it more of a gradient look. I could have gone more dramatic with it, but I wanted it to be a subtle gradient. Anyways, I liked the idea of the matte polish with the shiny sparkle: 

Christmas Nails

However, I wasn't as enamored with the matte/shiny look as I had hoped I would be, so I mattified the entire look and LOVED it! Glitter looks phenomenal when you make it matte! Enjoy! :)

Glitter Gradient

Glitter Gradient

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