Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sponged Nails

One of my favorite, go-to techniques is sponging. It's so easy and always ends up looking really cool. Added bonus? It's SUPER hard to screw up! I used the same technique for my Zoya Gilty nails and my (ready for a throwback?!) Galaxy nails. To complete this look, polish a base coat of color on each nail. I used two coats of Zoya Raven on my accent nail and two coats of OPI Your Royal Shine-ness on the rest of my nails.

OPI Your Royal Shine-ness

Then, choose some colors to go over your base color(s). I usually choose between four and six colors. After you have your colors ready, rip a makeup sponge into small pieces. They are usually just a little smaller than the size of my pinkie nail. You don't need much, just enough of a piece to dip it in a blob of polish! I usually work with my darker colors first, but that's just preference. I also tape around the sides of my nails to aid in cleanup. 

I hold the sponge piece with a pair of tweezers and I just drop a blob of polish onto a piece of paper to begin. Dab the sponge into the blob and then blot it off a little on the paper. Then, you're set to go! You can dab it all over, in spots, however you'd like! Like I said, it's hard to mess it up! First, I used Zoya Song on all of my nails. Then, I followed with Zoya Kotori on my accent nail. I stopped with my accent nail then and continued with the rest of my nails. After Song, I used OPI Black Onyx, Zoya Ginessa, Zoya Kotori, and OPI DS Coronation, in that order. Finally, I finished this up with top coat, which really smooths the whole look out! 

These colors looked so great together and they actually ended up looking like the beginning of Galaxy nails. I was actually using colors that represent my favorite hockey team (the only sport I like), which is playing its first home game today! YAY! Enjoy! :)

Sponged Nails

Sponged Nails

Zoya Kotori

Tampa Bay Lightning Nails

Sponge Nails

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