Friday, February 8, 2013

February Challenge: Color Blocking

Today's nail art challenge was color blocking. Coloring blocking is something I've been wanting to try for several months but never got around to so I'm really glad Jill put this in the challenge! 

Color blocking is simple. You tape your nail off in sections and polish each section a different color. Then, pull the tape off and viola! I decided to use some of my Hits holographic polishes because I haven't used them much and they are simply gorgeous! 

I began with one coat of OPI Your Royal Shine-ness to cut back on the amount of the silver holo I had to use (preservation, you know! Hahaha!). I polished two coats of Hits Hefesto over YRS for the silver holo base. I then taped my nail off using striping tape. I did all of my nails with vertical and horizontal lines, but I did diagonal lines on my accent nail. I then polished the areas using Hits Dionisio (purple), Zeus (black), and Ares (red). These Hits polishes are so amazing! I even took some pictures in the sun for you guys! 

As soon as I was done with all of the sections, I pulled the tape off and suffered no ill effects even though some of the polish was dry-ish. Yay! Enjoy! :)  

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