Friday, February 1, 2013

February Challenge: Gradient


Welcome to a first for me: participation in a challenge (sponsored by Jilltastic Nail Design)! I think February will be the perfect month to give this a shot since it's the shortest month! :) So, this means that there will be a post from me every single day in February! Challenge, indeed! Are you excited? Here's what the challenge looks like:

I've also decided to *attempt* to do picture tutorials for each manicure. We'll see if I can keep it up! :)

Day One: Gradient

Gradients are one of my favorite nail art techniques because they are so quick and easy! For a gradient manicure you need a make-up sponge and two or more polishes. 

1. Polish your nails with one of the colors you chose. Using the lighter one first is easier unless you're using a really opaque lighter color. I chose to use China Glaze Towel Boy Toy first, a fantastic neon blue:

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

China Glaze Towel Boy Toy Swatch

2. Tape around your nail to make clean-up easier. 

Sponge Gradient Tutorial

3. Wet your make-up sponge and then dry it off well. The damp sponge helps prevent the nail polish from soaking in too much. Then, polish your base color on top and your next color(s) directly underneath it. Make sure the colors touch one another. I chose to use another awesome neon, China Glaze Purple Panic!

Gradient Tutorial

4. Gently roll the sponge over your nail, moving it slightly up or down until you get a gradient you're satisfied with. You may need to reapply polish to the sponge. 

Sponge Gradient How To

Gradient How To

5. Repeat the sponge rolling a second time if necessary. When you're done, the polish will look stippled but once you put on a coat or two of top coat, it'll smooth right out! 

China Glaze Purple Panic

China Glaze Purple Panic Swatch

Gradient Nails

After I added top coat, I decided to mattify the gradient, which looked really awesome! Enjoy! :)

Matte Gradient Nails

Matte Gradient Nails Tutorial
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