Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Challenge: Sugar Spun

February Challenge Day 7: Sugar Spun

This is my second time doing sugar spun nails and as cool as they look when you are done, they take FOREVER! You have to wait so long for the polish to begin to dry that you end up sitting around twiddling your thumbs! If you've never seen a video on sugar spun nails, check one out on YouTube. 

You begin by polishing your nails with a base color. I chose OPI Vodka and Caviar, a really great red creme. Then, I dropped a big blog of Zoya Raven onto paper and let it begin to dry. I use my smallest dotting tool to "stir" the blob to help the drying process along. I keep pulling the dotting tool up to see if the polish has become stringy. Once it gets to that stringy point, you just drag the string over your nails. This is repeated until you get the desired look on each nail. So, minium, you're working on each nail for 3-5 minutes, and that's if your blob dries that quickly and gives you the look you want. You may need more than one blob per nail. Anyways, here's what I ended up with! Enjoy! :)

Sugar Spun Nails

Sugar Spun Manicure

Sugar Spun Mani

Sugar Spun Nails

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