Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Challenge: Water Marble

February Challenge Day 3: Water Marble

I don't know what it is about water marbling, but after I had a really frustrating go at it in December, I just haven't been that motivated to do what used to be my favorite nail art technique! However, doing one for the challenge reminded me of how much fun they can be when you have the right polish for the job! I've had the best luck marbling when I use creme polishes or cheaper shimmer polishes. For this manicure I used Sally Hansen Pumping Iron and Tough Love. Here's the process of water marbling through pictures:

1. Fill a disposable cup with luke warm water. Add a little nail polish remover to the water. Alternate dropping your polish colors into the water until you're left with a bullseye: 

Water Marble Tutorial

2. NOT PICTURED: Tape the skin around your nail with scotch tape (you can see this in step 5).

3. Using a orange stick, drag the polish into a design you like. I always pull toward the middle from the outside to create this type of shape:

Water Marble How To

4. Position your finger, nail down, over a spot on the design you like. Then, dip your nail into the water so that your nail touches the surface horizontally. 

Water Marble Tutorial

5. Use your orange stick to pull out the leftover polish before you pull your finger out of the water. Viola! (See the tape?)

Water Marble Tutorial

6. Allow your nail to dry and then pull the tape off of your nail. Clean any excess polish off of your skin using Precision Tip Q-tips, a nail polish remover pen, or an eyeliner brush dipped in remover. Enjoy! :)

Water Marbled Nails

Water Marble Manicure

Sally Hansen

A reminder of what the challenge looks like:

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