Saturday, March 23, 2013

Square Hue Amber Lager and Jamberry

I used another Square Hue O'Hue polish today! This beauty is a great burnt orange called Amber Lager. It's so shimmery with tons of depth and darker shifts to the color! I just love it! I used two coats for this mani.

I wore Amber Lager with a Jamberry nail shield, which I have been dying to try for months! Jen sent me a mini sampler pack of four shields to try and I love them! The one I used was the largest I received and you can tell it didn't completely cover my accent nail. However, a full set comes with 18 shields in 9 different sizes, so they will definitely fit almost all nail sizes! The shield is a designed strip that is applied with heat (I used my hair dryer) and the heat creates a really tight seal! These are supposed to last quite some time, though I can only attest to four complete days because I had another mani I had to do so I had to take them off. :( The shield was easy to get off and left just a little sticky residue that came off easily with nail polish remover! Another really cool thing about Jamberry is that you can customize your own shields! Upload your own image and everything! So awesome! 

An entire sheet of nail shields is only $15 and the designs they have are ridiculously awesome! Also, if you buy three sheets, you get one free! Check out Jen's shop to order some shields of your own and be sure to choose my name (Heather IFeelPolished) when you check out! Enjoy! :)

Square Hue Amber Lager

Square Hue Amber Lager

Jamberry Nail Shields

Jamberry Chevron
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