Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easy Dotted Nails

Before we get to the post, I wanted to remind everyone that Google Reader, how most people read new posts, will cease to exist in July! Therefore, I highly recommend following me via Blog Lovin'! You can find the link to the right AND they will transfer any other blogs you follow to Blog Lovin', if you so choose! :) Onto the polish!

I did these really easy but neat looking nails today using just a dotting tool! I can't put my finger on the word I want to use to describe them...they are almost three dimensional! Anyways, I began with two coats of Zoya Reagan. I then began the design by dotting a diamond on each nail using Zoya Lara:

Zoya Reagan

I then repeated the process with Zoya Shelby, but this time I offset the dot just a little bit from the first one: 

Zoya Nail Art

Finally, I finished up with one more set of offset dots using Zoya GeiGei. Enjoy! :)

Easy Nail Art

Dotted Nails

Easy Dot Nails

P.S. Notice that GeiGei is spelled wrong on my bottle? I even confirmed it using Zoya's website! :)
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