Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Easy Polish Removal

I know I've never done one before, but I'm calling today Tip Tuesday because I have an easy nail polish removal tip for you today! I know I have been a supporter of the tin foil method in the past, and the one cotton ball method as well. This method is my new go-to method which combines the two together! I use it every single time I remove polish, glitter or otherwise. It uses one cotton ball and a set of fingertip grips. Enjoy! :)

Start by unrolling your cotton ball:
Easy Nail Polish Removal
Rip the unrolled cotton ball into fingernail sized pieces:
Easy Nail Polish Removal
I bought my fingertip grips at Walmart for around $3.50 in the office supply section. I actually bought two sets of them so I could have enough little ones because some of the big ones were too big:
One Cotton Ball Nail Polish Removal
Soak the piece of cotton ball with remover and then place in on your nail. I like to hang it over the edge a little and then press it down to seal it around my nail:
One Cotton Ball Nail Polish Removal
Then, slide the fingertip grip over the cotton ball! Continue this process until all of your fingers are covered:
How to Easily Remove Nail Polish

I usually let them sit for about two minutes. Then, I take one fingertip grip off at a time. I press down on the cotton and slide it off of my nail. It is the best method I've ever used and it works so well!
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