Saturday, May 11, 2013

Square Hue Water Marble


I really love Square Hue! They shock me every single month with how awesome they are! I decided to try and water marble with their polishes from the Bloom Collection. I've found that good water marbling polishes are hard to come by. Some are just better than others and if you aren't using good ones, marbling can be an extremely frustrating experience. I can definitely say that the Bloom Collection is awesome for marbling! I also tried using glue instead of tape for clean-up, so you'll be able to see that, too!

I began with two coats of Yellow Submarine. I then polished white glue around my nails. I allowed the glue to dry completely:
Glue Method for Water Marbling

I then set about to marbling! I used Yellow Submarine, Groovy Love, and Flower Power. I didn't have to redo a single nail, they all turned out perfectly!
Glue Method for Water Marbling

I then attempted to peel off all of the glue. Let me tell you right now, tape is easier. I will NEVER do this again, hahaha! The process of water marbling re-wet the glue so I had to wait for it to dry all over again. This probably took more than triple the time tape usually takes because of waiting for the glue to dry twice. Also, the glue didn't peel off as easily as I would have hoped, so I had to use my Q-tips and brush to clean off extra polish. How annoying. I'll be sticking with tape from now on! This is after I peeled the glue off but before additional clean-up:

Finally, I used my smallest dotting tool to add some dots in complementary colors! Enjoy! :)
Square Hue Bloom Collection

Water Marbling

Water Marble

Square Hue Water Marble
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