Saturday, June 29, 2013

4th of July Nails

Shall we begin the 4th of July nail art? :) 4th of July is my favorite holiday! I just love fireworks and spending time with my family! The small town where I grew up always has a fireworks show on the lake and I rarely miss it! So, I've been conjuring up ideas for some time now so hopefully you'll like them! This first set of nails is pretty easy! 

I began with two coats of Zoya America, which is aptly named! :) I added one coat of Zoya Electra to my accent nail, which is a clear base with tons of holographic bar glitter. I love how the colors flash and remind me of fireworks! Unfortunately, this polish hasn't been available in months on Zoya's website, but it should be easier to find on Amazon, eBay, or swap sites. I then used a thin nail art brush to polish on Zoya Song is a triangular fashion at the bottom of each nail. I finished these nails off with some Zoya Purity dots on the edges of the triangle! Enjoy! :)

P.S. If you'd like to see how far I've come as a blogger, please check out my 4th of July nails from this date last year! I was just so cute, hahaha! 

4th of July Nail Art

4th of July Nails

Fourth of July Nails

Fourth of July Nail Art
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