Thursday, June 6, 2013

Indie Spotlight: Chirality Special BTK

Chirality has a hilarious (in my opinion) cereal killers line. She pairs up a cereal name with a serial killer's name and makes a milky based, glitter polish to go with it! I think it's quite ingenious and reminds me of an art gallery I once saw that was called Cereal Killers. Amanda also writes hilarious stories to go with each of her polishes. Here's the one that she wrote for Special BTK: 

"As she poured her Special K cereal into her bowl, our seemingly bored housewife pulled up her laptop and begins connecting with the fellow neighborhood ladies to organize another HOA meeting. The group chat was harmless at first until our bored housewife's dark side took over; a side any normal person would fear greatly. Soon, this new dark force began calling her female legio to arms, this becoming and army hellbent on destroying one lone heroine by uncovering deadly secrets that go back decades. They do not understand her differences which they fear greatly and now they must take her down. Will she be able to rise above this army of vicious female soliders, these troll marauders, these desperate housewives? Their leader is prepared to do battle...right after she's done with breakfast."

I bought two of her cereal killer polishes from her first collection. Her second one just came out. The one I'm showing you today is called Special BTK. It's a mash-up of Special K and The BTK Killer. It's a milky base with red glitter! I had a little trouble with this one at first. It was a little thick and splotchy. I figured out that doing it in three thin coats was the best idea and as I worked with it, it became easier! I love how it looked when it was on! Enjoy! :)

Chirality Special BTK

Chirality Special BTK

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