Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Neon Laser Nails

As the weather gets warmer (and by warm, I mean sweltering hot here in FL), I begin to crave having neon polish on my nails! My toes have been in a permanent state of neon bliss since May but my fingers get so much more attention and I have so many ideas that they only get neon on them every so often. I couldn't decide what kind of nail art I wanted to do with my neon polish, so I just went with a laser mani because I haven't done one since December, they are easy, and they look awesome!

I began with a coat of Zoya Purity. A white base coat really helps neon polish pop! Then, I did two coats of ellagee Dude! When that was completely dry, I randomly placed my striping tape. I used China Glaze Pink Voltage on my accent nail and Purple Panic on the rest of my nails. Remember, when you're working with striping tape, it's important to get the tape off of your nail as soon as you've put polish over it! Don't allow it the opportunity to dry! Enjoy! :)

Neon Nail Art

Laser Nails

China Glaze Neon Polish
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