Saturday, June 1, 2013

Square Hue Madonna Collection

As usual, Square Hue hit it out of the park with their May 2013 Madonna Collection. I seriously cannot recommend Square Hue enough! If you are looking for a monthly nail polish subscription, Square Hue is the way to go. You can't beat the price, quality, formula, and colors. I have not once been upset with any color I have received with my monthly purchase. The Madonna Collection is no exception. My favorite is Day Glow. It looks very hot pink in the bottle (look at the second photograph), but ended up being a deeper pink on the nail:

Square Hue Day Glow

Square Hue Day Glow

Square Hue Day Glow

I then used the other two colors, Happy Creme (light pink) and Mother's Pearl (medium, shiny pink) to do some cloud-like nail art. I just used my largest dotting tool to create the scalloped edges and then I filled the rest in with the polish brush. Enjoy! :)

Scalloped Nail Art

Cloud Nail Art

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  1. Lovely shade of pink! I really like the manicure you did too :)


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