Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Half Moon Glitter Nails

I did some half moon nails before I had my blog and they were such a disaster, I never tried them again. What caused said disaster? The paper hole reinforcers I used. They weren't sticky enough to stay stuck to my nails while I polished so the lines were all jagged and made me want to cry. Fast forward to now, I have decided to give them another try, sans hole reinforcers. I trust my freehand polishing capabilities enough now. Plus, I knew I would be covering up the majority of my line anyways!

I began with two coats of Zoya Purity. Then, I used my thin nail art brush and Zoya Julie to draw the half moon shape. Once I had that done, I filled in underneath it with the regular brush and Julie. I did two coats of Julie. Then, I polished one nail at a time with top coat. Before it was dry, I used some periwinkle hexagonal glitter I had to cover the half moon line. When I'm doing this, I lick the point of an orange stick, then poke the glitter and stick it to my nail! :) I worked my way from the left to the right. These turned out amazingly well and I ended up loving them! Enjoy! :)

Half Moon Nails

Half Moon Mani

Half Moon Glitter Nails

Half Moon Glitter Mani

Easy Nail Art

*Zoya Julie was provided to me. All opinions are, as always, my own*


  1. wow looks great! love the glitter accents:)

  2. This is lovely! The glitter definitely adds something unique to the manicure too.


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