Tuesday, July 2, 2013

(More) 4th of July Nails!

Yay, it's almost here! We're just two days away from the 4th! This is my second set of 4th of July nails and the final set will be up on Thursday. The Indie Spotlight will then be on Saturday! :) 

For these nails, I used a fan brush. These can be purchased at any store with decent art supplies. I got mine at Michael's. You basically just dip the tips of the bristles into polish and then drag them across your nail. 

I've been wanting to do nails with negative space for awhile so I went for it with these nails! I started with a base coat and one clear coat. When that was dry, I stuck stars on that I had punched out of scotch tape with my star hole punch. Then, I began polishing with the fan brush. I alternated between Zoya Song, Zoya Isla, and Zoya Purity. When I was done, I peeled the star off and here's what I ended up with! I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out since I didn't use a base color, but I love them! Enjoy! :) 

4th of July Nails

4th of July Nails

Fourth of July Nails

Patriotic Nails

Red White and Blue Nails

4th of July Mani
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