Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dotted Gradient

My giveaway ends tomorrow night!

I love gradients! They are so easy and generally look awesome. But, they can get a bit old after a while, so I decided to do a different variation of the gradient: a dotted gradient!

I began with two coats of Zoya Heather. When that was dry, I added a coat of Square Hue Arctic Frost to give it a shimmery quality. I then alternated dotting on Zoya Natty, Yummy, Rocky, Square Hue Glacier Skies, and China Glaze Kinetic Candy. I used three different dotting tool sizes and went from darkest at the top of my nail to lightest at the bottom on my nail, except for my accent nail where I did the reverse. These looked really neat when they were done! Enjoy! :)
Dotted Gradient

Dotticure Gradient

Dotted Gradient Nail Art

Dotting Tool Nail Art
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