Monday, August 12, 2013

Ladybug Nails

I've switched Monday and Tuesday this week so today will be nail art and tomorrow will be the Indie Spotlight!

I have some easy, cutesy nails for you today! Mine didn't turn out perfectly, but they'll give you the general idea! These are my ladybug nails!

I began with two coats of Zoya Sooki, my favorite red creme polish! Then, I used my thin nail art brush and Zoya Raven to polish a line down the middle of my nail that flares out at the top of the nail, near the cuticle. Then, I made the ladybug head at the bottom of my nail. I added three spots to each side of the bug and used Purity to add two eyes, all with a dotting tool. When that was done, I had adorable little ladybugs on my nails! Enjoy! :)

Ladybug Nails

Ladybird Nails

Kid Nails
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