Saturday, August 31, 2013

Studded Nails

I've been dying to do studded nails for quite some time, so I finally got to them! I did them using micro beads, which I purchased at Michael's. They are usually in the scrapbooking section and they come in a pack of ten to twelve colors stored in vials. They are relatively cheap, especially if you use a 40% off printed coupon! :)

I began with two coats of Zoya Raven on my accent nail and two coats of Zoya Reagan on the rest of my nails. When those were dry, I used an orange stick to "poke holes" in the polish where I wanted to place the beads. I then polished over each column of holes with a thin layer of top coat. I used black micro beads over Reagan and magenta micro beads over Raven. Using my lick and poke method, I poked a bead with my orange stick and stuck it into one of the holes. I continued this method until all of the holes had a bead in them. These nails felt SO cool! Top coat will help these nails to last longer BUT it will bleed the color of the micro bead. Enjoy! :)
Studded Nails

Stud Nails

Studded Manicure

Studded Mani

Stud Manicure
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