Saturday, August 24, 2013

Waterfall Nail Tutorial

Giveaway!!!! :)

Since my rendition of Waterfall nails were such a hit, I figured a tutorial was in order! I absolutely love these nails and they are SO easy! Thanks to The Nailasaurus for creating them! The only tool required is a thin nail art brush but any thin paint brush would work just fine, I'm sure! Begin with your base color. I try to pick a color that will allow the waterfall art to take center stage. For these nails, I went with two coats of Zoya Harley:

Zoya Harley

Then, choose four to six colors for the waterfall part of the nail art. I always begin with the lightest color and work up to the darkest, but that's just preference. I began with Zoya Kerry. I put a blob of the polish I'm working with on a piece of paper. I then dip the tip of the thin brush in it, place it at my cuticle line, and drag it downward. I vary the length of the line each time.

Waterfall Nail Art Tutorial

I continued the process with Zoya Channing:

Waterfall Nail Art Tutorial

Zoya Giovanna:

Waterfall Nail Art Tutorial

Zoya Mason:

Waterfall Nail Art Tutorial

And Zoya Neve:

Waterfall Nail Art How To

Finally, I go back over the cuticle line with each color again if there are areas that need to be filled in! And that's it! Easy, right? Enjoy! :)
Waterfall Nails

Waterfall Nail Art

Waterfall Manicure

Waterfall Nails
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