Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black and Pink Gradient

I hope you're ready for some crazy gorgeous nails today! 

Sometimes I struggle with what to wear on my nails when I know I'm going to be around the parents of my students. Most parents love my nails and compliment them, but I always want to ensure that I maintain professionalism. Luckily, I think teaching allows me to be creative with my nails with minimal issues. Office safe colors? Not necessary for me! :) However, I likely wouldn't wear my mummy nails to a conference night! ;)

Anyway, that long winded story leads up to my nails today! I created this look to go with the dress I wore to Open House! I think these nails are fun without being over-the-top funky!

 I began with two coats of Zoya Raven. Once that was relatively dry, I ripped a make-up sponge into little pieces and used one piece at a time to dab on Zoya Bobbi into a gradient. I used one piece of sponge for three to four nails before getting a new piece of sponge. Enjoy! :)

Gradient Nails

Black and Pink Nails

Black and Pink Gradient

Black and Pink Gradient
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