Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween Nails: Splatter

Oh, splatter nails! HOW I LOATHE THEE! Splatter nails have kicked my butt more than any other type of nail art. I've tried them. And tried them. And tried them again. I've used big straws, little straws, normal straws. I've wasted tons of polish. UGH. I had all but given up when I had an epiphany while picking up some whiteout at the store. Acrylic paint. Yep! Let me just say, I have officially kicked the butt off of splatter nails! WOO! ;)

I began with two coats of Cult Nails Deal With It. This polish is such an amazing lime green! Then, I dipped my normal straw (NORMAL!) into my bottle of purple acrylic paint and blew one quick, sharp breath into the non-painted end of the straw. I continued this for each nail. You know what made these even more satisfying than actually accomplishing the nail art itself and not wasting tons of expensive polish? The clean-up. I got paint ALL OVER my fingers. We're talking up to my middle knuckle. But, I top coated my nails and when that was dry, I washed off the paint with soap and water. YES, I just washed off the skin splatters! AHHHHHHH! Enjoy! :)

Splatter Nails

Splatter Nail Art

Halloween Nails

Halloween Nail Art
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