Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Plastic Wrap Nails

I have been obsessed with Fall nails lately, if you couldn't tell! Fall is my favorite season and it's mainly for the colors! Reds, oranges, golds, ahhhhhhh! I can't do enough nail art with those color combinations! It has become an obsession and my nail polish desk has been constantly stashed with a variety of Fall colors! :)

Today I decided to do some plastic wrap nail art using Fall colors. Remember, I did a tutorial on plastic wrap nails a few months ago! I challenged myself with this one though because I decided to use three colors as the top coat, not the traditional one color! 

I began with two coats of Square Hue Blond Ale as a base. Then, I polished three vertical stripes of China Glaze Elfin' Around, Just Be-Claws, and Mingle with Kringle and quickly used the crumpled up plastic wrap to distress the polish! I love the subtle effect! These nails turned out so well! I'm really pleased! Enjoy! :)

Fall Nails

Fall Nail Art

Plastic Wrap Nail Art

Plastic Wrap Nails
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