Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Removing Stains From Nails

Have you ever had a polish that stained your nails really badly? I've experienced this with many blue polishes (hello, Zoya Zuza and Liberty!) and I always feel like a smurf afterward! And getting it off is usually nothing short of a weight training session! Talk about elbow grease! Anyway, I recently had some awesomely stained pink nails and decided to take the opportunity to tell you how I remove stains when they happen! 

So here's what I began with:
Removing Stains From Nails

Not too bad, right? At least they were pink this time, instead of blue! I mentioned these stains in my post about the polish that caused them and let me just say, the stains were totally worth wearing the gorgeous polish! :) Most stains are worth it, in my opinion! I cover most of them up anyway...

Ok, onto the stain removal! This is so, so easy! I put baking soda into a small ramekin and added enough water to make a paste. Then, I set my hand over the sink, to catch drips, and I put a blob of the paste on each nail. I allowed it to sit for about thirty seconds before I scrubbed the paste a bit with my finger. Then, I rinsed it off and viola! Stains *mostly* gone! Enjoy! :)

How To Remove Stains From Nails
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