Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gold and Ivory Nail Art

So, if you've noticed, I've been posting randomly in addition to my normal Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. Also, I've been switching it up from the usual nail art on Tuesday and Saturday, Indie Spotlight on Monday and Thursday. So, all that being said, I will go back to my normal nail art/Indie Spotlight schedule AFTER today with several other Indie Spotlights sprinkled in on random days. I just have so many awesome indies to show you guys that two days a week isn't enough right now!

Since I've already posted two Indie Spotlights this week, how about some nail art? OK! :) I was dying to wear Ev'ryone Wishes For Silver and Gold again, so I came up with some nail art to match it! I began with three coats of Ev'ryone Wishes For Silver and Gold on my middle and ring nails. Then, I polished two coats of Zoya Ziv on my remaining nails. Once that was dry, I put striping tape on my nail. I did a triangle at the top with four vertical lines coming down from it. Then, I polished one coat of Zoya Jacqueline over the tape and pulled it off immediately. I love these...they look so elegant to me! :) My family loved them when we all had dinner together, too! Enjoy! :)

Gold and Ivory Nail Art

Nail Art

Holiday Nail Art

Silver and Gold Nails
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