Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dressed Up Nails Inspiration

@kwalls102 is having an AWESOME contest! I don't usually enter contests because they stress me out for some reason. But, I decided to enter this one just because of the topic. The contest is an inspiration/recreation contest! The premise to basically to recreate or draw inspiration from a fellow nail polish blogger/vlogger/IGer, etc. that you find to be an inspiration. I am always beyond thrilled and humbled when someone recreates one of my manicures because it means that I am inspiring them, which is something I always hope I am able to do! So, today I am paying homage to a fellow blogger that I have always found inspiring and incredibly talented. 

I chose to recreate nails done by Dressed Up Nails! These were her Wrapping Paper nails and I've had her photo saved in my phone for months. I was mostly inspired by the design itself...such gorgeous placing of striping tape! So, here are her nails and my recreation:

Dressed Up Nails Holiday Nalis

For my nails, I began with two coats of Zoya Jem. This polish is so so so gorgeous! I have owned her for nearly two years and for some reason, now was the first time I pulled her off the shelf. Shame on me! She is amazing! I posted a video of Jem on Instagram if you want to see her in action!

Once Jem was dry, I placed my striping tape over her. For some reason, I forgot to take the final picture! I did one more criss-cross section in the bottom half of my nail, like the top criss-cross you see below in the third picture:

Striping Tape Tutorial

I polished China Glaze Ultamate Holiday over the tape and then pulled it off immediately. What I was left with was a gorgeous manicure that was complimented like crazy! Thanks to Dressed Up Nails for challenging me and being such an inspiration! Enjoy! :)

Holiday Nails

Striping Tape Nail Art

Glitter Nails

Nail Art
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