Thursday, January 2, 2014

Facebook's Top Indie Polishes of 2013

I have several "Best of 2013" posts planned and this is the first one! I went through my Indie Spotlight Album on Facebook, compared the likes, and came up with a list of the top ten indie polishes of 2013! Do you like me on Facebook? If so, make sure your screen looks like this or you may not be seeing any of my posts:

These polishes were voted by those of you like me on Facebook and took the time to like my photographs! So here it is, the Top Ten Indie Polishes of 2013 as voted by my Facebook fans! Enjoy! :)

#10 and #9: A two-way tie between Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm by LynBDesigns and Lucy in the Sky by ellagee!

LynBDesigns Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm

ellagee Lucy in the Sky

KBShimmer You Autumn Know

#7 and #6: A two way tie between Purple Smoke by Contrary Polish and Blue Hawaiian by ellagee (no longer available)

Contrary Polish Purple Smoke

ellagee Blue Hawaiianellagee Blue Hawaiian

#5 and #4: Another two-way tie between Shirley Temple by ellagee and Christmas Time in the City by ellagee

ellagee Shirley Templeellagee Shirley Temple

ellagee Christmas Time in the City

ellagee You Sexy Thang

Mentality Sailor

#1: Birefringence by ILNP   

ILNP Birefringence


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