Saturday, February 22, 2014

Textured Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

I'm in LOVE with these nails! And the great news is that I did a pictorial for you guys! YAY! I also posted a video on Instagram a few weeks ago, if you'd like to check it out!

Ok, here's the pictorial for you! Description is after the photo!

Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

1. Polish your nails with the base color you'd like to use. I used Zoya Seraphina! 
2. Place your mini chevron nail vinyls vertically on your base color once it's completely dry!
3. Using a piece of makeup sponge, dip it into a blog of textured polish and then dab it onto your nails in three or four areas. I hold it with tweezers when I do this! Leave some areas empty for your second color. I used Zoya Dahlia first.
4. Repeat step three with your second textured color. I used Zoya Miranda for this step!
5. Once you're done dabbing, pull off the nail vinyls. I use tweezers! :)
6. Let the textured polish dry completely!

Enjoy! :)

Chevron Nail Art

Chevron Nails

Nail Art Tutorial


  1. I'm watching it right now! :) I love it too. I love the polishes inspired by Phoebe

  2. I LOVE how this turned out! It's really cute! The black and red blended together really well and look fantastic over that base color!


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