Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Acid Wash

I tried acid wash nails once more than a year ago. I failed miserably and put them on the "Try Another Day" list. Well, I finally tried them again! I learned from my original mistake of not letting the polish dry for a long, long time before attempting the acid wash portion of the mani! Previously, I just dragged the polish around in a pulling manner. Boo.

Ok, so I began with a base of two coats of Square Hue Glacier Skies. I polished Square Hue's Happy Creme next, one thicker coat this time. Finally, I ended with one thicker coat Square Hue's Groovy Love. I allowed the polish PLENTY of dry time. I think I waited at least an hour for fear of completely messing up my layering work. :)

Once I was confident in the level of dryness, I took a pointy q-tip, dipped it in polish remover, and gently rubbed it over various sections of my nail, created a layered look. When the q-tip was full of polish and starting to get fuzzy, I used a new one. I LOVE how these turned out. They look so, so awesome! And aside from waiting for the polish to dry, they were easy! Enjoy! :)

Acid Wash Nails

Acid Wash Nail Art

Acid Wash Nails
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