Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Zoya Dot and Monet

So, sometimes life gets so busy that posts go up without words...this is one of them! Hehehe! So if you caught it earlier, sorry about that!

Zoya Dot is a new polish from Zoya's Awaken Collection! She's a gorgeous light pink cream. I love a good cream polish! Dot was more sheer than I would have liked though. I like my cream polishes to be opaque in two coats, and Dot took three. But, she looked pretty at the end so all is well! Formula was smooth and easy to maneuver. Zoya Monet, on the other hand, is one finicky polish! Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful. But dang, I'm so used to awesome formula from Zoya that this one surprised me. Monet isn't so goopy that you can't work with it, but it's definitely thicker than I'm used to. I don't usually care if a glitter topper is thicker, but you get very little glitter on your nail with one coat of Monet. I ended up doing two coats over Dot to get the amount of glitter you see below. Also, the glitter ended up almost sinking into Dot after it was on the nail. Weird. All in all, I think Zoya was going for a more indie-looking polish. It just didn't really work out for them. When all was said and done, Monet looked really nice over Dot, even though she was a bear to get on! Enjoy! :)

Zoya Dot

Zoya Dot

Zoya Monet
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