Thursday, April 17, 2014

ellagee Cuticle Oil Review {Press Sample}

ellagee recently came out with her own cuticle oil! I nearly fainted in excitement because if there's one product I use the most on my nails, it's cuticle oil! I decided to test it for a week to see how it compared to my usual cuticle oil. 

First up, let me explain why I use cuticle oil. Of course, I use it to keep the skin around my nails hydrated and looking its best. However, I also use it because it improves my nails, too! I really feel like the cuticle oil helps to strengthen my nails, make them grow quicker, and helps the surface of my nails. 

Ok, so how did my little test come out? As it turns out, Laura's cuticle oil is amazing! Ahhhhh-mazing! It soaks in fast, which I love because I don't want to wander about with oily fingers for hours! It also smells incredible! I used her Orange Blossom Special scent, which reminds me of oranges and honeysuckle. She also has a Nature's Bouquet scent, which is the natural scent of all of the ingredients she uses in the oil. 

I tested the oil for a week. During this week, I continued to polish my nails as usual. I also used the oil like I normally would. I usually apply it a few times while at work, between all swatches I do, and always right before bed. Before bed is when I really soak my nails and cuticles with oil. As you can see below, my nails were longer and stronger after one week of use. Also, you can see that the ridges in my nails are completely gone. Additionally, my cuticles look more hydrated and healthier. All in all, this cuticle oil is now my go-to and I use it constantly as the main staple in my cuticle care routine!

The best part? This oil is just as good as other oils I have used, if not better, and it's just a fraction of the price! $6.00 will get you 10 ml and $6.50 will get you 15 ml! It also comes in a roll-on bottle (that's the 10 ml one) or brush bottle (the 15 ml one), so you can choose what's convenient for you! My preference is the roll-on bottle, because I can apply it with just one hand that way! I'm sure you will be as amazed by your results as I am if you try Laura's cuticle oil! Enjoy! :) 

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