Saturday, April 12, 2014

Feather Nail Art Tutorial

I did some feather nails over a year ago, and I've been meaning to do a tutorial since then. Clearly, it wasn't on the top of my list of things to do...hahaha! But, I finally did one and I have it for you today!

Feather Nail Art Tutorial

1. Begin with your base color. I used China Glaze Pool Party. This is one of the hardest colors to photograph because it is an intense neon pink! It isn't red like it appears in the photographs!

2. Polish clear coat over your base color and place your feather onto your nail while the top coat is still wet. Carefully tap it down all around with the flat side of an orange stick. I bought my feathers at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but I am sure you can find them at any craft store. They are relatively inexpensive!

3. Using nail clippers, clip a large amount of the excess feather off and confirm that all areas of the feather are well stuck to your nail. Then, polish top coat over the feather. I like to use a quick dry top coat (ellagee's Glass) so the next step can be done sooner. I also polish the top coat onto the dangling part of the feather to make the next step easier. 

4. When the top coat is dry, cut the excess feather off right at the edge of your nail. I use angled nail clippers and cut the feather while looking at the underside of my nail. 

5. Viola, your feather nail is complete! 

Enjoy! :)

Feather Nail Art

Feather Nails


  1. Great tutorial on applying that feather on the nails. It turned out really good :)

  2. I love this technique! i will have to try it out sometime

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