Thursday, April 10, 2014

Indie Spotlight: You Polish Diamond Cut (Press Sample)

I'm baaaaaaaack! Sorry I was neglecting the blog this week! The dolphin release took a lot of time, effort, and anxiety, hahaha! So, I took a few days off to relax! But I'm back now with You Polish's gorgeous April birthstone polish! Remember, if you buy your birthstone polish during your birth month, leave Lauren a note and you'll get a free bottle of her base coat!

Diamond Cut is a clear base packed to the brim with silver holographic glitter in a mix of different shapes and sizes! I did one coat over ellagee's Marvelous Delilah and it's just so gorgeous! I love anything holographic and silver, and Diamond Cut perfectly satisfies that love! Despite being packed with glitter, Diamond Cut was easy to apply and work with! Diamond Cut can be found at for $8.00! Enjoy! :)

You Polish Diamond Cut

You Polish Diamond Cut
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