Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Distressed Nails

Looking for some really easy nails to do for Easter this Sunday? Or even just spring in general? If so, you might want to consider giving distressed nails a try! They are beyond simple and always turn out looking awesome!

I have some spring distressed nails for you today that I did using polish by KBShimmer! I began with two coats of A Touch of Glass, a lovely, light aqua-minty base! Then, I used KBShimmer's Sky Jinks, a beautiful bright blue, for the first part of the distressed process. Take the brush, and brush as much polish off as you can on the neck of the bottle. When you feel like the brush must be completely dry, then it's ready for you to brush it over your nails. It ends up looking streaky and fantastic! I repeated the process with Pansy-Monium, a pretty, bright purple! Once I was satisfied with the distressing, I polished on some top coat! I love these so much, I'm going to do another version of them for this weekend! If you end of trying some distressed nails, I'd love to see them! Post them on my Facebook wall or tag me on Instagram! Enjoy! :)

Spring Nail Art

Spring Distressed Nails

Easter Nails
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