Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twin Nails: Complementary Colors with Southern Sparkle Nail Art

My twin nails today are nails that Samantha from Southern Sparkle Nail Art and I did together! We were assigned complementary colors in our Twin Nails group on Facebook. We decided to go with yellow and violet as our complementary colors. Using Zoya Darcy and Mason, I created a nail art skittle mani that Samantha and I decided on together! Skittle manis are when you use different colors on each nail, so we used that concept to do different nail art on each nail! 

I began with two coats of Zoya Darcy on each nail. Samantha used Sation Abbacadazzle. Here's the nail art I did for each nail:

Pointer: I added a double criss-cross striping tape design over Darcy, polished Mason on top, and pulled the tape off.
Middle: I added Mason dots on top of Darcy.
Ring: Using chevron decals made by You Polish, I polished Mason on top, then pulled them off.
Pinkie: Using a ripped off piece of makeup sponge, I created a Mason gradient over Darcy.

Be sure to check out Samantha's blogFacebook, and Instagram! Enjoy! :)

Twin Nail Art

Nail Art Skittle

Complementary Colors

Purple and Yellow Nails

Southern Sparkle Nail Art

Southern Sparkle Nail Art
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