Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is today! As a teacher, autism has obviously affected my life, so I'm thrilled to work at a school where we are working hard to bring awareness to the students. We all have blue light lamps in our rooms and tons of resources to help each child see how autism changes the lives of everyone it touches. I want my students to see how important understanding and acceptance is. My students will be taking a spelling test tomorrow through the eyes of an autistic child. I hope it helps them to see how much it truly affects people. 

So, in support of World Autism Awareness Day, I have polished my nails blue! Of course, I couldn't just do blue nails! Nail art HAD to be involved! A few friends of mine got some puzzle piece "love" shirts, so I modeled these after those! I began with a custom polish by ellagee! Laura took a photo of my scarf I planned to wear today and matched it perfectly! This polish is hard to is a lighter blue with gold shimmer and some holographic awesomeness. Once that was dry, I used striping tape to tape off letters and the puzzle piece. For the puzzle piece, I just put the striping tape in a square shape. Once that was done, I used a dotting tool to make it into a puzzle piece. I used Zoya Sailor to polish inside of the striping tape. 

Take the time today, and every day, to spread love and awareness for people with autism. Awareness is especially important with children, who tend to misunderstand and act differently toward those who aren't perceived as "normal" to them. Enjoy! :)

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness Nails

Autism Awareness Nail Art
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